State of Wyoming Department of Agriculture

pesticide applicator license wyoming


Commercial licenses are only valid for the balance of the year in which the license was obtained plus 24 months and expire on January 31st. To re-certify in order to maintain your license from the Wyoming Dept. of Agriculture, the following requirements must be met:

24 hours of pesticide related courses or workshop credits obtained during the time in which the license is valid. These credit hours must be validated with an agenda and proof of attendance. The Department determines if the coursework applies toward re-certification.

Attendance at the Commercial Applicator Re-certification School held during January in Casper of each year. Retake the exams for the categories in which you want to be re-certified.


For more information regarding recertification through the Wyoming Department of Agriculture contact:

Jim Bigelow



Continuing Education

Each CEU is $15.00.

The following courses and appropriate continuing education points have been approved by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

  • Beetles That Attack Wood: Identifying Beetles That Will Reinfest – 1 CEU
  • Beetles That Attack Wood:Identifying Beetles That Will Not Reinfest – 1 CEU
  • The Eastern Subterranean Termite – 1 CEU
  • Environmental Protection -1 CEU
  • Facets of IPM in Field Crops – 1 CEU
  • The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) – 1 CEU
  • Identifying Cockroaches In and Around the Home – 1 CEU
  • Managing Pesticide Drift – 1 CEU Updated and NEW!
  • Pesticide Applicator Safety – 1 CEU Updated and NEW!
  • Pesticide Families – 1 CEU
  • Principles of IPM in Field Crops – 1 CEU
  • Principles of Pest Control on Lawns and Turf – 1 CEU
  • Recognition and Control of Some Small Vertebrate Pests Small Mammals – 1 CEU
  • Sucking Pests of Ornamental Shrubs – 1 CEU